Monday, July 12, 2010

The Book of Torsos #3-Gladiator

ballpoint and watercolor on paper, 4 by 6.

Lately I've come to think that my strength is also my weakness. In a crisis-and I don't mean just the cancer context though they give me an added feeling of urgency-let's say in life in general I am so used to mobilize all my power, to give it everything I got, that I forget or don't acknowledge that that actually costs me ... I'm tired.

It's funny how some pieces of music can reveal my (that) way of living to me ... At least, it's a lingo I seem to understand. Yesterday I listened to a track from the Motorcycle Diaries. The melody itself struck a chord. There are pieces that can tell you exactly: this is what you are now, this is your energy now and how you're 'traveling' ... weathered, determined, melancholic at times and lonesome ... on la poderosa-the mighty one, my bike ;) I guess that's like Buddhist compassion in action across time and across context.


Kell said...

What an awesome blog. I can't follow from this computer, but I assure you that I will end up following eventually. Keep up the beautiful paintings.

Dean Grey said...

I like how part of the figure is in shadow.


ria said...

-thx Kell! I'll be seeing you then!
-hi Dean, yes, part shadow was important, darkness goes hand in hand with cancer ...