Sunday, June 20, 2010

La Mirada #14-Kali Ma

-My Invocation to Kali-
acrylics on a photo, 4by6 inches,
fragment of a page from an artist book on Kali (ongoing).
The book is a collab with Susan Shulman and Bill Evertson.
Also visit Seeking Kali for artist call&more info on the project.

Kali is the Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy, destruction and-paradoxically-creation. She inspired my ngo I created as a Gestalt therapist, in which I used to work with clients trying to bring about life changes ...

Of course having cancer is an onset of great change, physical, emotional, spiritual. So, she was around ... Knowing of her vast powers and some Jungian theory, I didn't/don't mind invoking her now and again ... I mean, as the article author I linked to says so picturesquely, 'she will lop off your inflated ego in no time flat if you ask her, and she offers no guarantees that the process will be painless.' What's not to like? I'd rather have her with me.

My Invocation to Kali:

Ma Kali, look at me,
I'm suffering to the bone.
Ma Kali, come and dance,
On my ashes, on my bones,
Ma Kali, come and dance,
Bring them back to Life,
Ma Kali, come and dance,
Bring me back to Life.
Ma Kali, can't you see?
I wear your colors,
I carry your mark.

© ria vanden eynde


Momo Luna said...

This is awesome Ria. The painting as well as the poem. The painting is so deep. I love it. I have to keep looking. The sadness on her face, the eyes that say so much.

Have a great weekend!

Betsy said...

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Dean Grey said...

What an amazing portrait, Ria!

She looks pained yet deadly.

Love it!


ria said...

thanks Dean! :)

ria said...

thx Monica! x
hi Betsy, will post the link in side bar, thx-