Saturday, April 24, 2010

(Let's All) Stand Up To Cancer!

The CBS television show Ghost Whisperer is teaming up with the organization Stand Up to Cancer in the hope to bring together the best and the brightest in the cancer community, encouraging collaboration instead of competition. Their digital media team found painting2cancers---Wow! :)---and invited me to join them to bring awareness to Stand Up To Cancer by posting some of the assets they created for the organization. I said, 'sure, I can do that.' So I'm posting video's here and a link to launch a star to honor someone you might know with cancer while making a donation to Stand Up To Cancer.

Hell, I'm standing up to cancer alright!
Let's all!

-I love what Minka Kelly says about how being confronted with cancer can make you wise and compassionate ... I hope that's what it's doing for me, I'd love that ...-

-Well, this video touches upon something I've been struggling with: there should be ways to treat the patient with the cancer and not just the cancer-

Clicking the image above will bring you to the SU2C Constellation on the Stand Up To Cancer site, which is a unique and personalized tribute space to honor anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis. For as little as $1, users can launch a star in honor of a loved one.

Should Ghost Whisperer-fans fly by here, their digital media team also developed an, exclusive to this particular campaign, Stand Up To Cancer interactive memory game:

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Momo Luna said...

It's a great initiative!