Sunday, April 25, 2010


Drawing on paper, pastel crayon, graphite and Chinese ink, 8by8 inches.

My friend Bill Evertson went to the MoMA exhibit of William Kentridge. I got jealous looking at Kentridge's drawings in Bill's blogpost ... but I also got a boost, got completely inspired and made this. Discouragement. It drags you down. People find it difficult to deal with, in themselves as well as in others. When they call you after an exam, they want to hear you be positive. But, in fact, discouragement and a cancer treatment trajectory go hand in hand ... and I won't deny my feelings of discouragement. Ever. They tend to come back multiplied and haunt you if you do ...

Discouragement is now on show in Italy for FEMMINE, at FABBRICAIMMAGINE lab via dei tre pupazzi 5/a Roma Italyopen 31-12-2010 closed 28-12-2011 (one year). Here's a photo from that show, Discouragement hangs bottom right:


Momo Luna said...

An absolute gorgeous drawing Ria! I love the expression on her face; sad, resigned but also somehow determined not to be broken. I also like the blackness and the trails in the left corner. I'm glad you don't deny your feelings, even the hard ones. And now i'm going to check the art of William Kentridge.

Sweet greetz, Monica

Bill Evertson said...

wow..that's one amazing drawing!!

ria said...

Hi Monica-thx! You'll be wandering and wondering for a while then with Kentridge-he's awesome!

Thx Bill---it's your blogpost that sparked it :)

Inkpunk Artworks said...

I love my visits here, because I know that I'm alwyas going to be greeted with something powerful! Thank you for sharing!

Hope all is well with you.

Dean Grey said...


I sooooooooo understand where you're coming from. People often want others to "think positive" but that's not always dealing with reality either.

To me not acknowledging the pain can do more harm than good.

What's the answer then? I'm not sure as I'm hurting right now myself. I think you expressing your emotions in a healthy way like you did with this latest drawing is a powerful step.

So go ahead and feel discouraged for now. Just don't let it consume you completely. Don't let it be all there is to you.


ria said...

Thx Dean... You're formulating it in a nutshell-exactly 'on it.'

Genevieve Thul said...

Ria, could I possibly republish this drawing on my blog? It so perfectly captures where I am - in a thyroid storm because the thyroid cancer is growing and now producing significant amounts of hormone.

Let me know by e-mail or comment on my blog, if you wouldn't mind!