Sunday, April 11, 2010

La Mirada #13-The Left Side of My Face

acrylics and collage on canvas, 8 by 12 inches.

A while ago, I took a picture in which my right side came out overexposed. I took a while to examine the left side of my face while my (extremely dominant) right side was, well, out of the picture ;) My left eye is lazy (amblyopia) and when I'm tired, charmingly turns inwards just a little. I'm deaf in my left ear where I have an eardrum and 2 ear bones (hammer and anvil) I got from a donor. My thyroid tumor was in the left lobe, about 2 inches large and my left breast was the first to go because of 2 tumors. The 1 tumor in my right breast was of a different type ... some crazy list.


Inkpunk Artworks said...

Simply powerful in so many ways! Hope your week is going well!


Dean Grey said...

I like this, Ria!

All that vibrant red brings out your eye that much more!


ria said...

Thx Brian!
Hi Dean, thx for that :) & thanks for passing by here and leaving me some comments. Much appreciated!

Momo Luna said...

This is awesome and i love the strong colours a lot. As Brian earlier wrote; very powerful image.

ria said...

thx Monica! xoxo