Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inner Landscape #10-Dante's Gate

-Radiation Bunker-
Acrylics&collage on canvas, 7,5 by 10 inches.

When I went to my pre-RAI-consultation (for my Radioactive Iodine Ablation treatment), I drove by car to the Radiation Department. It's at the furthest end of the campus, they said. They let you drive in immediately, no problems. It's free parking there for patients ... They were building more parking space, part of the area was set off by fences. More ... Many cars, no people. You go into this building, and descend down to the basement, the deep vaults of the hospital. Cold, sterile, isolated, lonely, lost. I remember a marvelous colorful, large painting at the reception. I went to see up close who the artist was. I forgot. Maybe it wasn't signed. Maybe I dreamt. I didn't go back after.


Dean Grey said...

I think you captured those feelings perfectly in this painting, Ria!


ria said...

thx for that Dean :)