Monday, March 22, 2010

La Mirada #12-Grounding

-the unbearable lightness of being 'post' cancer (is there such a state?)-
self-portrait, photo.

I read it yesterday in a post by Caroline, a fellowess cancer blogger; 'there is no magic wand for cancer':

People shouldn't consider themselves cured after treatment for early stage cancer. Once you have it, there is no cure. They can treat it until there is no sign of cancer to be found through surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and other therapies. They can run out of tests to find it. They can tell you that you are done with treatment. They can tell you that you have a good prognosis. But they can't tell you, you don't have any cancer cells left in your body.

Once you have a cancer diagnosis, early stage or not, you can't assume that you are safe once treatment is done. You have to be vigilant and get follow up tests and treatments. You can live a normal life but you can't escape the fact that it was in your body once and they didn't cure it - they removed any signs of it and can't find any more - but they have no way of knowing if they got it all.

Of course, I knew. Of course, you know. It's a thought doctors won't allow you to formulate out loud too much and friends will try to 'smother.' A thought you're completely alone with ... I lay awake at night yesterday, thinking about it. I lay awake again like I did right after being dxd. Just staring on my pillow, no muscle tensed at all ... the unbearable lightness of being, (so said ) 'post' cancer.


Bill Evertson said...

I recently read Jill Bolte Taylor's book A Stroke of Insight", and see some parallels with the words 'cancer free'. For that matter with many other illness' that don't resolve but instead manifest as symptom free. For her (and you ♡) while uncertainty exists in the disease, a passion for enriching your own life and those around you becomes strong. Thank you!!

ria said...

Thank you Bill, I'll answer that with a ♡ for you my friend! xoxo-

Genevieve Thul said...

Your self-portraits inspired a series of my own - more reflective of what has happened to me spiritually through health and life stage than what has happened physically. Thought you would be interested! Thanks for the art - love it!

Gen - thyca active since 6/2008 at age 29

Genevieve Thul said...

that should be html at the end! Sorry!

ria said...

no worries Genevieve, I found them, they're awesome&very moving! Thank you for letting me know! Wow! ♡

Dean Grey said...

(((HUGS))) Ria!!


ria said...