Friday, July 3, 2009

La Mirada #4-The Look #4-Isolation

Just a sketch drawing with painted cempasúchil , 12 by 16 inches.
I added the instruction leaflet for the Radioactive Iodine Treatment (May 26th. 2005) I stayed 5 days in isolation for.

Sometimes I catch the look in the bathroom mirror or in a shop window. Most of the times, I get a shock thinking: "there's somebody there, looking back at me." It's hard to describe, it's a look of compactness, a "knowing" look?, some darkness too... Do I look at others like that? I think sometimes I do.
I don't "look" for the look, it's not something I can consciously switch on. But then, its darkness and strength come with something to be dark about and strong through... Maybe its flip side is chaos, fear, not knowing and loss of control. Who wants to look at the world like that all the time? Who wants to catch that look in the bathroom mirror in the mornings?


Bill Evertson said...

One of the most powerful I've seen yet! Some how you captured that 'look' and combined with the incision, flower and medical record(?) it makes an indescribable impact. "just a sketch"? Very modest indeed :)

ria said...

Thank you Bill. Wow! That's fantastic feedback! I wasn't sure about it, because I felt the drawing by itself didn't quite "say" enough, so I added the flower and collage...seems to work ;-) Yes, there's a part of my medical record too, both papers are in Dutch, I'm Flemish-Belgian.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I agree with Bill and no not "JUST" a sketch.

thanks for dropping by my blog :) I really like your work technically, and how personal it is.

ria said...

O hey JafaBrit, thanks for passing by my blog too and for leaving me a note! + I'm now outnumbered on the 'just a sketch'-thing :)