Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Book about Death-NYC 10-22 September 2009.

My postcard was designed by zoe hiigli, a friend of mine.

Today I wanted to think about death... ;-) I was looking at the entries for the A Book About Death- project for which I sent in something a while ago. I had just finished my painting "Thinking about Dying," which turned out to be the perfect piece to work with. I follow the project's blog and I find myself almost "hungrily" looking at all the other entries. Some "pages" are like thoughts on death as a natural part of our (inner) world, at least that's how I'm seeing it. Natural, not just because we're artists, but because we're sentient beings, limited and finite. I think that's what fascinates me. It's A Book about Life that way just as much as it is A Book about Death. Possibly, my hunger to see reveals a hunger for life, which is great to discover after my cancer history... death seems to be so much nearer... I even made some friends there along the (living) way. If that's what participating brought me, I'm extremely grateful to be a part of it.
The exhibition in NYC will open next September. Maybe you can see me coming? If any artistic souls fly by here, send something in will you, the deadline is September 5th.
Here's the info on the blog A Book About Death, and here's the project's site.
And below I added the YouTube video made about the project after the opening.


Bill Evertson said...

Nice post. I'm thankful also for the friends I've found because of the ABAD project. You express the life hunger part of the project better than I but yes it is wonderful to explore death to be able to enjoy life.

Momo Luna said...

Today people (in western countries t.i.)don't wanna think about death, they wanna hide it as if it doesn't excist. But that's such a pity 'cause life and death belongs together. In former days people dealt in a much more natural way with death.
I think you're art is intense and very beautiful.

Sweet greetz....

ria said...

Hey Momo Luna, thanks for dropping in here again & leaving a note. I think you're right, "death" still seems to be taboo...To me too life and death are like two sides of a coin-talking about death, thinking about death is just as much thinking about life to me...Love what you do on your blog 'Secrets of death' and your work on 'Signals' btw!
Sweet greetz to you too!

susan shulman said...

I read what you wrote and it is very inspiring. I think this exhibition has brought together such a varied group of creative souls dealing with their own inner battles but feeling one with each other! I know I do.
We at least can express these emotions and passions in a creative way!Baring ourselves with like minded people and giving each other the motivation to go forward and do more!
Susan Shulman

ria said...

Hey Susan, thanks for "flying" by here ;)It's so right what you're saying. I've felt curious, sad, moved, happy, I laughed, I felt empowered, so many of life's emotions as the exhibit blog was growing, diffident is/was such an awesome, impressive project...& for sure giving the motivation to go forward and do more!