Monday, June 22, 2009

Inner Landscape #5-Corporalidad-Corporeality

-The Body, Nothing Else-
-The Human Body is the Instrument through which Life is lived, Martha Graham.-
Pastel painting, 13 by 13 inches.

I don't understand the idea that getting cancer would be a betrayal of the body. My body works incredibly well, it reacts in tone with treatments. The zillion reactions that go on at once, why would you expect it to be faultless? My body is on my side, unconditionally- the stuff I sometimes eat... And then at (cancer) times my body can't do it all on its own and needs help, meds, surgery, radiation...and when these don't help anymore, I'll die...and I think that's ok... It's a Buddhist idea: the body is finite and has its limitations; you have a body, hence you know suffering. But also: how else would I be able to experience compassion than through the body?

In this piece I added polygonal elements, inspired by an artist friend of mine, John Hiigli, who (to me) is fascinated by shapes, transparencies, symmetries, mathematical polygons... I think these also "fit" the chemical/material stuff in our bodies...


Bill Evertson said...

When I first saw a thumbnail of your post (a glance really) I thought it was a still life. As I look more, perhaps that is what it is; not a Dutch master fruit or flower on a table, but a bodies activity frozen for a moment for us to examine. At once, a tool for our journey and our baggage.

ria said...

Hey Bill, wow, thx for that (fantastic) feedback! You may want me to write your press releases, but I'd hire you to write mine :)