Monday, June 8, 2009

Inner Landscape #4-Oscuridad-Darkness

Monoprint, 10 by 10 inches.

After the thyroidectomy, when I was put on Levothyroxine to replace my thyroid hormone, I remember wondering if I would still be me on this little white daily pill, seeing that it's such an essential key hormone. As if she sensed my unvoiced concern, the doctor explained that my body would not be able to notice that the hormone was available from another source (digestion) than the thyroid....I thought, but I'll know...I wondered if I'd lose my colors, so to speak, if my personality would change, if my base mood (calm, dark maybe, prone to depression and serious) would be different...Four years later, my colors are more vibrant than ever, my base mood is (generally) up, my character hasn't changed per I'm wondering now if my darker take on life before was perhaps cancer related. And maybe now I'm more me than I ever was.


Bill Evertson said...

Love the textures in the monoprint; I keep scrolling around and finding new areas of interest. The shaping and changing of our identity is of keen interest to my art. I think I'm attracted to the work you're doing because I feel that 'change' aspect in it. Your skeletons and marigolds story is a powerful description of your influences.

Karen Peters/ Canada said...

Wow! I read your words and they really are profound.

"so I'm wondering now if my darker take on life before was perhaps cancer related.."

Our bodies know so much more than our head allows us to believe.

I love your latest work! It speaks (to me) of merging the ethereal and the tangible - both much needed components of a balanced life.


Hua said...

Hi Ria,

Great piece of art. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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ria said...

Thx Bill, I think I 'get' why you sense change in my pieces. Apart from the obvious reason (cancer changes everything) I think it's a constant theme for me. I tend to look at us mortals as 'processes,' continuously changing, creatively adapting to triggers to change from within our circumstances or our environment.
I'd even dare to say that 'if I'm no longer (open) to change, let me be dead already ;-)'
If this aspect shines through, then that makes me quite happy :)

ria said...

Hey Karen, thx for that. I seem to have hit something on the nail for you here. Great! :)

ria said...

Hi Hua, thanks for your comment. Appreciate the invite.