Tuesday, May 26, 2009

La Mirada #3-Hilo de mi sangre-Thread of Life

-Hilo de mi sangre ¿quién te enrollará? (thread of my blood, who will wind you on the bobbin?) is a line from "Mi Corazón Me Recuerda," a song by Lila Downs-

Pencil drawing + watercolor sketch (the paper has curled a bit), 9 by 12 inches.

I feel the thyroid cancer is the "dirtiest" of the two, don't ask me why... Maybe because the thyroid controls body metabolisms all over and the cancer has been slowly sucking up my life energy. To me it feels as if it monitors its own growth so as to avoid early detection...as if the cells know when they have to go into sleep-mode, "let's go on hold, we're pushing the neck structures too much, the host is getting dizzy, she needs some adjusting before we proceed again..." Dirty.


Bill Evertson said...

I think your post is very expressive; It has a poetic rhythm that matches the drawing. I like how the words in the drawing are winding along with the bobbin.

ria said...

Thanks Bill!!! I waited long before posting this drawing, didn't know what or how to write ;-)

JafaBrit's Art said...

I like this work a lot, it is very powerful.