Friday, February 11, 2011

Radical Acceptance-Clarity Haynes

Radical Acceptance, a show by Clarity Haynes (The Breast Portrait Project) opens tomorrow in Brooklyn. For those in the hood, I'll be there too, so to speak ;) I modeled for Clarity across the Ocean by email, sending photos of my (post-cancer) torso. Some mishap-photos I used for painting2cancers ... So, I'm proud to post about the show! Clarity says about the project:

I enjoy working with women with a wide range of body types and life experiences. Cancer survivors are just one of the groups who have found participating in the project to be a positive and emotionally healing experience. Over the past twelve years, more than 500 women have participated in the project. I’m grateful for all of the interactions I’ve had through this work -- I have learned from and been touched by the openness, courage and generosity of each model.

For more info on The Breast Portrait Project, visit:


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