Monday, January 10, 2011

Inner Landscape #13-Silence

Pastel on a newspaper page, 8 by 10 inches.
This is a photo of the piece, I destroyed the original page in a frenzy ;)

These days are enveloped by
Overwhelming Silence
of Unanswered Questions,
Inconsolable Sorrow
and Unfulfilled Dreams.
There only is
Raw Loneliness.
Here and Now.


cyn said...

I am so glad I found your blog. You have no idea! I am a breast cancer survivor (I hate that term - although breast cancer enthusiast isn't quite right either), blogger and art lover. I am so loving your blog today - I am just scrolling and smiling, scrolling and smiling.

Thank you for this gift today. I'll be back.

Ria Vanden Eynde said...

Ow, thanks for that! :)
Sorry to hear you had breast cancer also ---I'm not too fond of the term survivor myself, lately I'm taking it literally: with every living breath I take, I'm surviving it ;) --- But very happy to meet you here via blogger!