Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inner Landscape #12- Cancer Eye

Photo print, 8 by 10 inches.

When I was treated for my cancers, I sometimes flipped through med books in the library, staring at pictures of biopsy slides to see what the damn thing growing in me looked like. Oftentimes, I slammed the book shut, because I couldn't 'see' it, I didn't see how these color blots and lines were signs of malignant cancer. A part of me looked at them with an artistic eye? An eye for what life looks like, even if it is malignant. I thought, if you run that specimen slide through photoshop, that could make for some strong abstract. Beautiful even. I think it also works in another, twisted way. If you look around, with cancer in mind, you can see a cancer slide in almost anything. That eye can ruin your life just as much as the real stuff can. Equally harshly.

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