Wednesday, September 22, 2010

two cancers gave me-

I've come to think again about what these cancer trajectories have given me in terms of vitality... Quite a lot. I want the pieces of my (he)art to travel, all over the globe to lead a life of their own amongst friends and people I feel connected to-and I've been given lots of those too.

Well ... it's all happening!
One of the pieces I submitted to an art call by Mobius.Inc in Boston, MA, The Prostitution of Art, made me feel all of that amplified. Funny how that happened. I've participated in many a call so far and many a piece of mine traveled. You can check my log Art on the Road ;) My friend Bill Evertson went to the opening and shared a video about the exhibit, co-curated by another friend of mine Jane Hsiaoching Wang and watching it, I just felt a part of the whole thing ...

Here's my piece, I used a drawing I made when I was in my teens, measuring with Da Vinci ;) I shot it on our ironing board, which to me funnily fits with the theme of the show and then photo-shopped over it.

And here's Bill's video, my piece is at 1.28 in the video, in the magazine Mobius prints for the show :)

You know what? I'm damn proud! & Happy! & Grateful!


Caroline said...

Thats pretty darn cool. You should be proud and happy! Congratulations!

Momo Luna said...

Ofcourse you're proud and happy! :-D It looks great.
And i'm happy for you Ria....