Monday, February 1, 2010

La Mirada #10-Me&Frida

graphite drawing and acrylics on paper, 10 by 12 inches.

One of my first blog pieces Aggressed Body, is completely and obviously inspired by La Columna Rota, by Frida Kahlo. I stood in front of her painting last week, it's part of the Dolores Olmedo collection which is on show in BOZAR in Brussels. When I had my reconstruction and the bandages came off I immediately thought of Frida's painting while looking at my new swollen breasts in the small hospital bathroom mirror. I always experience compassion when I look at her pieces ... always ... So, if compassion is transpersonal and goes across time that way, maybe anything I'm doing in my life might cue compassion for her, wherever she is ... who knows, wouldn't that be wonderful? Anyway, this piece is my homage to her. Btw, it's my fourth (4th!) breast-cancerversary today. All is well, so I'm happy to post this today :)


JafaBrit's Art said...

I understand that compassion and your conveyed it succinctly and beautifully in your painting/drawing.

I smile as I read your last sentence, all it good :)


ria said...

muah Corrine! :)

Momo Luna said...

Yes, i understand your compassion for her work so well. This painting you made, this hommage for Frida's art is very, very beautiful. I love it also that you paint yourself black and white except for the scar. Touching, beautiful.


Momo Luna said...

Oh, and i am happy to read all is well!