Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Calling Women Artists for a New Blog

While I was treated for my cancers, my body changed a lot. Of course, I also got older. I’m making pieces that show those changes on this blog. For me, it’s all about the (physical) body: we suffer through it, but we also experience compassion&joy through it. Now, I’m interested to see how other women artists create as they are ‘touched' by life. I’m calling women artists for artworks about their body as it changes through different circumstances, the joyful and the sad. To name a few: aging, child birth, illness, accidents, (psychological) suffering, break ups&hair cutting-episodes I seem to share with some friends… Interested? Send a small, lowres jpg together with a short narrative, site-/blog address to

Mail artists can mail me to inquire for my address. The new blog is TheBody-NothingElse.


Momo Luna said...

Oh that's a wonderful idea. Maybe i can paint/draw my right eye, that is suffering from my muscle disease. My piteous eye i renamed it. :-)

ria said...

Monica that would be wonderful!-I look forward to that! I like how you renamed for your eye-to me, its name evokes tenderness. Keep well!

pve design said...

I would love to contribute - and to sketch my dear friend who is giving her body if nothing else a really good fight against cancer.

ria said...

Thanks for that note, don't hesitate, I would appreciate your contribution! + Lovely to discover your blog this way.