Saturday, November 7, 2009

Inner Landscape#8-Scorched Earth

-tolerance threshold: pain-Tamoxifen-
mixed media-monoprint&acrylics on paper, 6 by 8 inches.

A scorched earth policy, Wikipedia says, is a military strategy or operational method which involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area. Although initially referring to the practice of burning crops to deny the enemy food sources, in its modern usage the term is not limited to food stocks, and includes the destruction of infrastructure such as shelter, transportation, communications and industrial resources. The practice may be carried out by an army in enemy territory, or its own home territory.

Sounds a bit like cancer ravaging the host's body... mine. After its passing, I find I'm having trouble with seemingly lasting physical pains I would have seen as silly before (like my leg injury I talked about in my previous post or some Tamoxifen-induced muscle cramping/joint ache, Jezus, they HURT, I'm totally getting empathetic with women who think about quitting.) No more. Enough is enough.


Bill Evertson said...

Definitely difficult emotionally "soldiering" through a chronic pain situation. I imagine you are probably more sensitive to imbalances than before your experiences with the cancers. Has to be a roller coaster (not a fun one)

Momo Luna said...

Dear Ria,
first of all a big virtual hug for you! It must be an endless road sometimes. I hope that there will be no more pain for you in the future. Indeed enough is enough. I keep my fingers crossed.

Second: your artwork is just gorgeous. The colours, the strokes, the structure of the sky, it blew me away, i only could say: wow!

xxx momo Luna

Samantha Manchester said...

Ah, I love your way with words and I admire your artwork! I hope our mail correspondence continues well into the future. :)

ria said...

Thx Bill & Monica: big hug back!xoxo-
Hey Samantha! Thx for dropping by & leaving a note!! I'm glad you got the card I sent-no doubt it's just a beginning :)

Dean Grey said...

The reds are just amazing in this painting, Ria!


ria said...

Ah yes, thx, I love the reds in this one too, it took me some time to get the right 'shot' to post, I had a bit of a hard time to get them as close as I could to the reds as they are in the 'material' piece.