Sunday, May 3, 2009

La Mirada #1-The Look #1

-shadows and dust-
Acrylic on paper, 14 by 19 inches, the study is an earlier post.
"Shadows and dust" is a line from the movie Gladiator I was watching one evening. It's just spot on for this piece. All we are is shadows and dust. Pure Plato's Cave. Though having these two cancers won't kill me-hopefully...statistics...let me be careful-one day I'll die, but "not yet, not yet..."-also from Gladiator actually. In the meanwhile, to paraphrase Kris Carr, they're both pushing me (hard) to live.


Karen said...

My God Ria, such power in this piece! I love the colours juxtaposed against the black and white.

elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing your site, it's amazing! You might also like CURE's article "Art & Life" on a program in New York City that helps survivors use artistic expression to communicate their experiences.

Elizabeth, CURE

ria said...

Thx Karen and Elizabeth! I appreciate your comments.
Elizabeth, I just added the Creative Center to the links now. Thanks for putting me on to them.