Saturday, April 16, 2011


Photo, self portrait.

I look for me
a poem by Marjoleine de Vos

So if I am my body
not a princess in a tower, no butterfly
unfolding from its cocoon
biology my existence, blood
breath, bowel and lung and all those toes-
how is it then that I hardly know them
the half drowned liver, the industrious kidney
that I stay ignorant of the daily struggle
in heart and carotid, the effort in my skull
for me alone while I
remain inside blindfolded
deaf for synaptic labor and neuron power
talk of my soul and bang on doors
the body closed that claims my actions
attacks me flatters and seduces me, makes me shiver
and sing and that I am, so they say.

(translated by me from Dutch to English)

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