Monday, October 18, 2010

Femininity #2-Silver

Oils on paper, 20 by 27 inches. An art class exercise.

I'd like to think that
I've suffered the changes
of mountain and sea,
wind and cloud.
And yet be still young,

~Soyo Taeneung (1562-1649)

I'm turning gray. I didn't see it coming. They say stress and meds can make that happen. There are sturdy threads of gray-ish white showing between my brown long hair and I have two gray tresses at either side of my head that some days make me think of Frankenstein's bride's hairdo. When the light hits them, they reflect it. So, they're not gray. They're silver. I used to color my hair, to hide first gray till some months ago. I'm more into natural since my cancers ... I'd like to have a full head of completely gray long wavy hair later ... later ;) I'll be a crone.


Dean Grey said...

I started getting gray hairs in my late 20's!



Momo Luna said...

Just like you i coloured my hair. Nowadays i still do that, but not so often as i used to do. So i'm aware of my grey hair. Ik heb ook grijze banen aan de zijkanten. Ik mag dat wel eerlijk gezegd; the haircut of Frankensteins bride. ;-)
Maar na mijn 50ste waren het niet alleen de zijkanten die grijs kleuren. Maar ik hou er eigenlijk wel van, de tekenen des tijds.

Ik vind je schilderij niet slecht. De lichtpartij aan de rechterkant is prachtig!

Ria Vanden Eynde said...

Hey Dean, aye, still that would be like a Clooney look? Not bad!
Thx Monica! xx