Friday, September 10, 2010

Femininity #1-The Blue Shoes

Acrylics and pastel on fiber board
-Never again! The fiber board that is, acrylics and pastel: wow!-
15 by 17 inches.

After my reconstruction I wanted to do womanly things ... Don't ask me why. Some (female) friends asked if I felt less of a woman after my left breast amputation. I never knew what to answer. I still don't. Between the two amputations, I went into shops to try on clothes to see how the asymmetry felt to me and to see if and how people reacted. I remember that I got to feel I wanted to have a reconstruction done in the long run. A couple of months later my right breast was amputated and both were reconstructed. Since all of that ... I just notice that I look for nice shoes, fitted clothes and that my hair gained importance. I don't analyze the stuff. Womanhood redefined? Womanhood rediscovered? Womanhood appreciated? ... I just enjoy going along with it.

ps: It's painting2cancers' birthday this month. 2 candles on its cake :) Already.


William Evertson said...

Happy Birthday to your blog. It's always an inspiration and always a reminder to savor and enjoy life to it's fullest. Never again to pastels and acrylic? It looks vibrant; very sumptuous.

Ria Vanden Eynde said...

Thx Bill! :)
I meant 'never again on fiber board,' unless it's prepared to be extremely smooth. Ugh, the fiber-pores-texture really gave me a hard time. I thoroughly enjoyed the pastel over acrylics tho ... no doubt I'll do that again.

Dean Grey said...


It sounds like you're enjoying the little things in life again.

Not a bad thing at all!

Love the simplicity of this painting and the warm and cool tones in it too!


P.S.: Happy Birthday to your blog!!

Momo Luna said...

Great work Ria. I love the reflection of the light.
I can relate to your enthusiasm about the acrylics and pastels. Me too used some pastels over an acrylics painting and it turned out to be great.
What exactly is fiber board? Is dat zoiets als zacht board?
Going along with it, that's the right way to enjoy it all i think.

Congratulations with your blog Ria! Sorry for not always commenting. I have periods of finding it hard to communicate sometimes.

Sweet greetz for you!

Ria Vanden Eynde said...

thx Dean! :)
thx Monica! :) fiber board is gedrukte vezelplaat, maar deze was van slechte kwaliteit, veel putjes ...