Monday, May 17, 2010

My Doctors 'Mail Art'-ified


Last week I found a terrific Mail Art Call:

How do you see your doctor, and what can he/she learn from your Art?!
All entries will be published on the blog, and a selection of the mail art will be part of an exhibition in the Netherlands in a location where doctors have access to, probably October 2010 (deadline is August 17th 2010).

Seriously, how could I not answer this call? ;) I chose 'Doctors' and 'Diagnosis' from my pieces (I linked to the blog-posts in the captions) and sent in a print. Browsing through all my material was a bit of a process by itself ... It feels as if there's more distance, as if I was getting re-acquainted with all of the experiences and feelings I had along the treatment trajectory, along the blogging trajectory, along the pieces I made ... They're getting to be more like (art) pieces I look at, from an inner distance to the actual experiences I guess is the best way to put it. 5 years after ThyCa now and 4,5 after Breast Cancer.

So, if any of my readers feel like adding something to that 'My Doctor'-topic, please DO!
All info on that blog:


Dean Grey said...


What a unique mail art call!

Your submissions look very Frida-esque....and that's NOT a bad thing!


ria said...

Thx Dean, Frida inspired me for sure , more than one ;)