Monday, March 1, 2010

Inner Landscape#9-Shapes&Shadows

-breast portraits-

Lately, I'm doing a lot of photography-stuff. I've been admiring the work of Moira Antonello, her vague black&white shots in her series Cuerpos, are so movingly beautiful. And there's Marianne Mueller's The Sleeper, I discovered after I bought her book A Part of My Life, in a second hand store. I've been taking quite some photos-these were 'accidents'-of myself for Clarity Haynes' Breast Portrait Project. Clarity usually works with a live model, but as we're on other sides of the ocean, she agreed to do my Breast Portrait using photos. She writes in one of her emails that she finds my torso to be graceful and elegant and describes the artistic process of observation necessary to make the drawing as one of discovery and delight. I know what she's talking about, as an artist I too can take that outlook ... As my eyes caress the depths, crevasses, shapes and shadows of this new body I have since the thyroidectomy, the scars and the new breasts, I cannot help but find it beautiful!


Inkpunk Artworks said...


Moinica from Momo Luna has sent me your way, and I'm glad to have found your site. I wish you lots of peace and strength.


ria said...

O Hello Brian! Yes, Monica & I traded pieces, I posted about that on my other blog-Art on the Road :) Thank you for leaving me a note here and for the very kind wishes! I'm well thx!

Caio Fernandes said...

your work is good in everything .

i am happy to have met it all .

kisses .
Caio .

ria said...

Thank you Caio!!!
Kisses back!