Monday, February 2, 2009

Ramo con cempasúchil-Bouquet with Flower of the Dead

-The body is finite and limited, life is fragile and precious-

Acrylic and crayon on paper, 10 by 11 inches.

"Viva la Vida, Viva la Muerte" is an expression from the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition, which is about recognizing and honoring deceased ancestors. In my works I see it as an expression of gratitude for all my previous "selves" that I've shed with the cancers, that have passed on in a way. They have struggled themselves with their own life crises and left me with what they learned from that as a heritage. I see "Viva la Vida, Viva la Muerte" as a celebration of life in a "small" way, nothing metaphysical, rather in a sensory, corporeal way...

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