Friday, February 27, 2009

Inner Landscape #2-Duda-Doubt

-sea lo que sea, y eso es mantenerse firme-
Monoprint, 10 by 10 inches.

Waiting for lab results lifted me out of the tangible, concrete world everybody else continued going about their usual business in. The “not knowing” got filled with scenarios, doom thinking, and what ifs. Emotions were easily picked up along the way as thought processes spiraled…And there I was: trapped in a cocoon where vision is cluttered and hope is lost…Till one day I deeply knew: whether I’m optimistic or pessimistic, whether I’m angry or not, whether I cry or scream or stay silent, whether I question all of this or not, whether I anticipate or whether I’m scared, whether I’m hoping or feel desperate…it has no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of this….I’ll have to take it for what it is…I’ll take it as it is… And that’s (my) resilience right there.

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